Extreme Sports + Advertising = Sign Spinners
August 18, 2009, 10:29 am
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While visiting the gorgeous High Line park in New York, I saw a guy twirling a cardboard advertisement.  I don’t remember what the ad was for, but the antics of the guy holding the ad were pretty impressive.  He was like the baton twirler for the Longhorn marching band (hook ’em!), without the makeup and spangles.

It turns out the “sign spinner” (that’s his job title) works for AARROW Advertising, a promotions company that mixes signboards and extreme sports to create an interactive “advertising experience with each person that passes, delivering what no other form of advertising can:  eye contact and a smile.”

This wasn’t the guy I saw, but it gives you an idea of what sign spinners do:

Each sign spinner is trained by AARROW, though many come into the job with a headstart from skateboarding, street dancing or some other acrobatic background in which there’s low regard for injury.  The sign spinners are paid about $20 an hour — plus tips sometimes — and, if they’re really good, they get to compete in the AARROW sign spinning championships.  No joke.

Sign spinning seems like a great way to build street cred for your brand.  I just wish I could remember what that spinning sign was advertising.

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sign spinning is bigger then life. it was even used in a recent episode of phineas and ferb – where they open a giant car wash.

Comment by Piotr

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